2019 8-10 Softball Tournament

Posted by Indiana District 7 on Jun 24 2019 at 11:59AM PDT

8-10 Softball tournament started on June 27th.

6/30/19 – BRHaverford beat Southport to win the District 7 Championship. BRHaverford will play in the state tournament in Zoinsville on July 12th. Good Luck Ladies!

6/29/19 – Southport beat Indiana Central by 1 run to advance to the District Championship tomorrow 6/30/19 at 1:00pm.

6/28/19 – BRHaverford beat Indiana Central to advance to the District 7 Championship on Sunday at 1:00pm. Indiana Central will play Southport tomorrow at 10:00am.

6/27/19 – The 2019 District 7 tournament season kicked off today at Eagledale LL with BRHaverford beating Southport. BRHaverford will now play Indiana Central tomorrow 6/28 at 6:00pm. Southport will play again Saturday at 10:00am.

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